Word on the Mall #2

Milli Apelgren - Austin, TX
[@mapelgren on Instagram]


Have you attended LOOK3 in the past?

I have! I've come here two times in the past. I learned about it when I took a workshop with David Alan Harvey in Austin. 

Are you a photographer?

I am. Mostly documentary projects, portraits, and fine art. I really am interested in the connections between people and between myself and the subject. 

What are you most excited about in this year's Festival?

Gosh, I really can't say one particular thing because I love all the different elements: all the speakers… seeing the work in the exhibits and hearing the people speak is amazing. I've already been familiar with the work, so it's more understanding of what they're doing. 

And then also just all the people here... and it's always a really friendly and warm environment. 

What have you done so far at LOOK3 this year?

As soon as I arrived, I did a quick spin through all the exhibits. I missed the first day but then saw Larry Fink and all of today's speakers. 

Every time I see each speaker, I think, "This is my favorite! This is the best!" And then the next one happens and I feel the same way. They all have their different ways of being in the world and I appreciate hearing them talk about it.