Word on the Mall #1

Pat Jarrett - Staunton, Virginia
[@patjarrett on Instagram and Twitter]

How many times have you been to the Festival?

Three or four. Since I moved here in 2008, I’ve missed two or three. So, maybe four or five. I always take time off work to come here to recharge creatively. 

Are you a photographer?

I’m a photographer, archivist, and digital media specialist, but yeah I’m a photographer. 

Are you taking photos at the Festival?

I might. I always come here thinking I’m not going to take any photos, but it’s like, you just have your camera because what if a photo happens. You know, what if there was some beautiful image that you needed to make a picture of. It’s unlikely that there aren’tgoing to be photographers here to catch that but I was a boy scout and so I’m trying to be prepared.

Are there any memorable photos you’ve taken at past LOOK3 festivals?

A couple years back, before at least I got a smartphone, I had this really weird flip phone with a kickass camera. It was only 1.3 megapixels but it had a spot meter on it. It was great! And it was a really slow scanning digital image, so if you moved right you could get these really cool distortions. So I started shooting and got these really great grainy, pixellated pictures - and those were the memorable pictures. It doesn’t matter the camera as long as you’re making images. 

What are you most excited about in this year’s Festival?

Larry Fink is one of my all-time favorites and has been since I found out about him. I’m looking forward to seeing Alec Soth’s show, but really I’m looking forward to seeing old friends. I mean, the first person I ran into is someone I’ve known for ten years. Everybody comes out of the wood work for this. And so that’s what I’m looking forward to: just hanging out. 

What have you done during the Festival already?

I went to the bookstore early, because you need to. I looked out the window at the bookstore and I saw a big ant [in the TREES exhibition], and that was cool.