Photo by Martin Gisborne

Photo by Martin Gisborne




MISSION Our mission is to celebrate the vision of extraordinary photographers, ignite conversations about critical issues, and foster the next generation of artists.

VISION As a nonprofit organization, LOOK3 challenges assumptions about photography by presenting diverse work by a variety of artists, developing innovative educational initiatives, and offering immersive community  events.

The backyard shows.

The backyard shows.

HISTORY In 1988, National Geographic photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols began hosting an annual event in his backyard. Dubbed an evening of "peace, love, and photography," it was a place where anyone could come and show work. LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph was born from this 20-year grassroots initiative. Today, LOOK3 has grown into an internationally recognized venue for photographic excellence.

Our work is motivated by the resolute belief that substantive, provocative photography not only has the power to deepen awareness about the forces that shape our world—it can change it for the better. Guided by our nonprofit, noncommercial mission, we create public events and a mentorship program dedicated to photography. The LOOK3 Festival, which takes place for three consecutive years, transforms the historic pedestrian center of downtown Charlottesville, Virginia into a public arts experience. Every fourth year, LOOK3 produces LOOKbetween, the anchor event of the mentorship program, which fosters and celebrates international early-career photographers. 2014 will mark the second iteration of LOOKbetween, and Festival programming will resume in 2015.

LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation based in Charlottesville, Virginia, founded in 2006.


The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph supports the established community priorities identified in the Create Charlottesville/Albemarle Cultural Plan. We encourage you to read over the plan and think about how you can contribute to the continued growth of Charlottesville's arts and culture community!



Victoria Hindley, Executive Director
Lisa Draine, Festival Manager
Alex Matzke, Education Assistant
Clare Stimpson, Production Assistant

Andrew Owen, Managing Director 2010–2013

Regional Advisory Committee

Dr. George Beller
Elizabeth Birdsall
Suzanne Chitwood
Maggie Guggeheimer
Dr. Anna Magee

Annette Owens

Governing Board

David Griffin, President
Owner, DGriffinStudio 
Jessica Nagle, Treasurer
Founding Member of LOOK3; Co-founder SNL Financial
Will Kerner, Secretary
Founding Member of LOOK3; Photographer
Michael “Nick” Nichols, Founding Member of LOOK3, 
Editor-at-Large, National Geographic magazine

Curatorial Advisory Board

Melissa Harris, Editor-in-Chief, Aperture Foundation
Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography,
The New York Times Magazine
Scott Thode, Visuals Editor & Curator
Yolanda Cuomo, Creative Director, Yolanda Cuomo Design
Vincent J. Musi, Photographer,
LOOK3 Master of Ceremonies

Emeritus Members

Jon Golden, Founding Member; Photographer
Darlene Anderson, Development Advisor



William Albert Allard, Eugene Richards & Janine Altongy, Dorothy Batten, Justin Black, Bonnie Briant, Cynthia Burke, Coran Capshaw, Alex Chadwick, Hunter Craig, Christian DeBaun, Chloe Delaney, Martin Gisborne, MaryAnne Golon, Ben Greenberg, Steve Winter & Sharon Guynup, David Alan Harvey, Richard Jackson, Jean-Francois Leroy, Brian Lewis, Sally Mann, Gina Martin, Will May, Kristi Norgaard, Stan Marshall, Ross McDermott, Ed Montecalvo, Andrew Owen, Reba Peck, Jenna Pirog, Tate Pray, Kate Ringo, Mike Sheras, Gabe Silverman, Justin Stailey, Rick Shaw, Scott Smith, Mary Tomasso, Shannon Wells, Evan Wilder, Smith & Ashley Williams.