LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

Trees Exhibit Captions

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    A Waco bi-plane glides over the mixing blue waters that are the birthplace of the Gulf Stream Current in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Key West, Florida.

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    Endangered loggerhead turtles form a mating group with a large female on the bottom in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary off Key Largo, Florida.

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    Middleton Reef blooms like an orchid in the sea 555 kilometers off New South Wales, Australia. It is among the southernmost platform reefs in the world and a killer of ships.

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    A black cod peers into my camera after following me around on an entire dive to photograph many shipwrecks off Middleton Reef. I finally took his portrait and it reminds me of my Uncle Lou, minus the cigar.

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    A Maori wrasse engaged me with excited curiosity as we worked on Opal Reef, Great Barrier Reef. These large (up to 6 feet) creatures are a now a rare site on coral reefs around the Pacific due to over fishing.

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    Papua New Guinea

    A clownfish peeks from the poisonous and protective tentacles of a bleached bubble tipped anemone in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Clownfish need specific host anemones to survive and thrive.

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    Galapagos Islands

    I watched as a lone parrotfish regarded a perfectly formed school of grey grunts off Cousins Rock, Galapagos Islands. I like that this image means different things to different people: loneliness, defiance, challenge…unity.

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    Cayman Islands

    I was swimming away as my partner Jennifer Hayes knelt briefly below the bow of the Russian Destroyer 356 off Cayman Brac. I turned and made a single frame that captured the size and sculptural essence of shipwrecks in the sea.

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    Galapagos Islands

    Galapagos sea lions search the sand for tiny shrimp to eat in a desperate struggle to survive the 1997-1998 El Niño event that drove their fish prey out of reach into deeper waters.

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    Cayman Islands

    Three southern stingrays glide across the bottom of North Sound, Grand Cayman Island. The stingrays are oceanic ambassadors to thousands of tourists who visit these waters each day.

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    A tower of barracuda rises from the depths to form a question mark that surrounds a diver off Sipadan, Malaysia. The sleek fish often form large circular schools as a defense against predation.

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    A manta rises to feed on a galaxy of plankton that was attracted to the shaft of light spearing into the night sea off Kona, Hawaii.

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    A chromodoris nudibranch appears to salute the camera as it raises it mantle. Nudibranchs are sea-going slugs that display shockingly vibrant colors to advertise they are poisonous to eat.

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    A periclemenes shrimp is a symbiotic passenger aboard this chromodoris nudibranch. The shrimp seeks protective cover and keeps the surface of the nudibranch free of detritus.

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    A Bayei fisherman in a wooden mokoro glides across delicate and dangerous lily gardens that thrive in the Okavango River, Botswana.

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    A baby Nile crocodile seeks the cover and protection of a curtain of algae in the Ncamasere Channel of the Okavango River, Botswana.

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    The tigerfish of Botswana’s Okavango Delta are fierce predator game fish with razor-sharp interlocking teeth. They are fast, muscular, and able to detect prey vibrations through the water.

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    An African elephant frolics in the cool and refreshing waters of the channels that crisscross the Okavango Delta. The elephant uses the sandy bottom like dental floss to clean its tusks.

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    Icebergs are a metaphor for the oceans, we can only see their surface, what lies below is a mystery. Icebergs are the ultimate sculptural form of freshwater.

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    A group of chinstrap and gentoo penguins rest near Danko Island, Antarctica. As I snorkeled around their ice island they were wary that I was a hungry leopard seal looking for a meal.

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    Cayman Islands

    A southern stingray soars across the sand bar of North Sound. The tip of ray’s pectoral wing mirrors the curve of the wave above.

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    U.S. Virgin Islands

    Pompanette fish follow a perfect pedicure looking for a microscopic meal among the disturbed sands.

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    Galapagos Islands

    A circle of silvery salema form a defensive circle of confusion around a starving juvenile Galapagos sea lion during the 1998 El Niño event near Cousins Rock, Galapagos Islands.

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    French Polynesia

    A baby green sea turtle paddles towards the protection of the open sea off the French Polynesia atoll Nengo Nengo.

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    A group of Australian sea lions play in a sea grass meadow off Hopkins Island in South Australia. These pinnipeds nearly vanished off the planet due to hunting before the 1972 National Parks and Wildlife Act.

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    A juvenile Australian sea lion peers deeply into my camera off Hopkins Island, South Australia. The juveniles are curious and playful, pulling at mask straps, fins and strobe cords.

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    South Africa

    A great white shark prepares to swallow the camera off Gansbaai, South Africa. I used a camera mounted on an extension pole to make close encounter images like this bite shot.

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    A sleeping bridled parrotfish seems to smile with a set of unusually perfect teeth that they use for chomping coral and turning it into sand.

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    A silvertip shark cruises across the robust corals of the northern and remote Great Detached Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. The presence of sharks is an indicator of a healthy reef system.

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    A small sand cay near Number 10 Ribbon Reef in the far North of the Great Barrier Reef is surrounded by a delicate garden of mixed hard corals.

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    A Papuan fisherman stands in wooden outriggers above a flashing carousel of silvery baitfish in a remote corner of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. These waters are among the most biologically diverse on our planet.

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    A stargazer fish looks like a Mayan mask as it peers from a veil of dark volcanic sand in Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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    A male tomato clownfish in Anilao, Philippines aerates and defends his clutch of eggs until they hatch after about one week.

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    A weedy sea dragon looks like a Victorian tintype toy as it paddles through its kelp forest home in Waterfall Bay, Tasmania. Sadly, much of Tasmania’s kelp forest habitat has been lost.

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    A school of silky sharks swirl in an outgoing tide in the Gardens of the Queen Archipelago off the coast of Cuba. Cuban reefs are a defacto marine protected area due to political isolation.

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    The Bahamas

    A crystal wave breaks over a group of lemon sharks on patrol at the edge of the Great Bahama Banks. The Bahama government banned commercial shark fishing in 2011.

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    An endemic double headed wrasse searches for an urchin meal on the world’s southern-most coral reefs off remote Lord Howe Island, Australia.

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    A DeHavailland Beaver floatplane delivers divers to the massive Hook and Hardy Reef system in the mid region of the Great Barrier Reef.

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    A shortnose batfish portrait with revolutionary red lips, Isle of Youth, Cuba. Batfish patrol the sand and rubble bottom for invertebrate meals.

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    Papua New Guinea

    Chevron barracuda form a living circle around Dinah Halstead in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. This magnificent school circled her three times and dissolved into the sea.

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