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A Look Back at LOOK3 (Video)

It’s been one month since the 2011 LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph came to a close, yet Charlottesville beckons one last time. You’ve read the blog and you’ve watched exclusive Corbis interviews with some very legendary personalities in the world of photography. Today, we take our last look back at the sights and sounds that [...]

One More Look: Look3 Finale

Look3 finished off on Saturday with a cluster of events that brought this year’s happenings to a close with festive celebrations. These proved to be further proof of the family vibe of the gathering, and an evocation of this year’s theme of “home”. Following Saturday’s excellent Masters Talk and the unforgettable Nan Goldin/Sally Mann interview-cum-voyeuristic-kaffeeklatsch, [...]

Nan Goldin and Sally Mann Insight Conversation – Photos by Benjamin J Myers

Photographer Benjamin J Myers was on hand to document the thrilling conversation between Nan Goldin and Sally Mann, held during Saturday’s Insight Conversation at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville. Be sure to check out Miki’s liveblog post for full coverage of this amazing encounter between two legends. All photographs by Benjamin J Myers

Masters Talks: The Emotional Rollercoaster

This morning’s Masters Talks with Christopher Anderson, Ashley Gilbertson, Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bill was wild ride of emotions. It began with Christopher detailing his poignant coverage of Afghanistan, Lebanon, Haiti, and Bolivia, among other places. At a time in his career when he began to lose interest in the act of making photography, [...]

LIVE from Massimo Vitali’s INsight Talk

Join us live from the Paramount Theater for Friday’s INsight talk with Massimo Vitali, interviewed by Alex Chadwick, of All Things Considered fame. *This liveblog is not an exact quotation of the entire conversation…but it’s as close as we could get :)