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Gregory Crewdson: Frozen, But Hardly Mute

“Photography has this uneasy relationship to narrative. Unlike other narrative forms like film or literature, a photograph is frozen and mute. There is no beginning and there is no end. It has a very limited capacity to tell a story. And whatever story you can manage in the end remains a mystery. It’s restriction. It’s [...]

Josef Koudelka: Freedom To Create

Josef Koudelka, interviewed by Anne Wilkes Tucker…How cool is that? Named by Time as “America’s Best Curator”, Tucker took us through a chronological selection of Koudelka’s work, taking pause with each passing milestone to ask Josef questions. A lot of material was covered and a lot of insight and knowledge was shared. Josef came onto [...]

Martha Rosler: The Art of Protest

“What do you think? Don’t sit down,” was Rosler’s reply to the audience member who had asked a question at the end of the talk. Martha Rosler is not one to sit down. Throughout her career, she has used various vehicles to inform, question and protest. Her projects have used photography, video, installation, sound, text, [...]

Alex Webb: Frequency Synchronicity

LOOK3 is a sadly over—time to go home. Waiting for my car to the airport to arrive, I’m sitting in the lobby of the Omni Charlottesville writing an article on Alex Webb. As luck would have it, Alex Webb is sitting right next to me, reading—nay, studying—the sports section of The New York Times. So, [...]

LOOK3 is the TRUTH

A final post before we at Corbis hand the blog back over to the kind folks at LOOK3. It was truly an honor! Thank you for letting us share a part of your world. As a preface to the final INsight Conversation on Saturday night, the Paramount was treated to a video from select truth’s [...]

Works Projections: LOOK3 Takes ‘Em To Church

We went to church these past 3 days at LOOK3, and concluded the service appropriately at the Works projections tonight. It wasn’t just the music though—every artist whose work was shown put themselves out there, courageously took a risk, and shared a precious piece of themselves. Tonight’s projects were personal and gave insight into the [...]

Exhibitions Close Up

This year’s exhibitions present us with the work of masters, photographers who continue to document the world community, sometimes read about in the news or seen just outside our windows. In his exhibition Evidence, Stanley Greene gives us just a taste of some of the thousands of ravaged communities he has documented. Yet the exhibition [...]

Close Encounters with Bruce Gilden

Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden delivered his thoughts, memories, stories and witty commentary of his thousands of intimate moments with strangers. In New York’s Coney Island, he learned to make captivating and sometimes-offbeat images out of the most everyday of events, bringing attention to the absurdity that life can show us. His first trips to Haiti, [...]

Instagram Contest: We Have A Winner!

LOOK3 has a way of connecting with the crowd. When Laura-Chase McGehee realized that the winning photograph from the Corbis-sponsored Instagram contest was the one that she had taken, she screamed from the balcony of the Paramount Theater. “THAT’S ME!! I TOOK THAT PICTURE!” McGehee, an UNC-Chapel Hill alumnus, had just recently left her job [...]

Masters Talks: Camille Seaman – Snowflake on Top of Snowflake

Taking her first steps on the frozen sea felt like Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon—but it was a fluke. After giving up her seat on a flight in California, she received a free round trip ticket on Alaska Airlines. This inadvertent trip to Alaska would change her life. It was there, walking towards [...]