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Nick Nichols: Father of the Festival

There exists a bittersweet joy in watching your kids grow up. As a father of two, I can only tell you how great it is to see them develop personalities, and how sad it is to concede to the bare memories of how they once were. In that strange paradox where you end up becoming [...]

Shots and Works: Pt.1

Herds of us gathered at The nTelos Wireless Pavilion on Friday night to enjoy two hours of art from over twenty emerging and established photographers. We sat under the stars on chairs or blankets, in the company of our friends, as the images explored aspects of our nature and the condition of our planet. The [...]

Susan Meiselas: Seeking Truth

The relationship between photographer and subject is a two-way street, but not always equal. The photographer generally holds the cards and the direction of the narrative. It is how she chooses to participate in this relationship that separates Susan Meisales from the pack. She seeks the truth. Susan has been invited into a diverse mix [...]

Richard Misrach: Poetic Phrases

When Richard Misrach first took an interest in photography during college in 1967, he approached the medium much in the same way as other young and ambitious academics do: with an emboldened passion to document and change the world. Campus life filled his 35 mm camera with street riots, demonstrations and tear gas developed in [...]

Galleries and Exhibits: The ♥ of LOOK3

Seeing all of this years’s galleries and exhibits in less than three hours is no easy task, but these are the lengths that we go to share the LOOK3 experience with the greater audience. The talks and the conversations always seem to generate the most buzz, but it’s the heart of Main Street and the [...]

INsight Conversation: Donna Ferrato

Donna Ferrato knows a lot about life. And during her INsight conversation she bestowed her hard-earned and penetrating wisdom on her captive audience. In that direct and gentle way that Donna has convinced hundreds of subjects to allow for her to photographer their most intimate moments, the audience also couldn’t help but obey and listen [...]

Masters Talks: Hank Willis Thomas

Lynsey Addario is a tough act to follow. And with the parents of his bride-to-be in attendance, it would appear that the odds were stacked against him. When Hank Willis Thomas was told that he would be the last presenter at this morning’s Masters Talks, he immediately proclaimed “Yes!” But as Stanley Greene reminded everyone [...]

Day 2: A LOOK at Galleries and Signings

As the reality begins to set in that we are “right in the middle of this thing,” Benjamin Myers begins to remind us what the core of LOOK3 is all about: meeting friends, sharing stories, visiting galleries, meeting your inspiration. Here’s a quick look at the galleries and book signings that have just taken place. [...]

Donna Ferrato — INsight Conversation LiveBlog

The Paramount Theater is filling up in anticipation of the second INsight conversation of LOOK3 2012, with Donna Ferrato. Her photographs of domestic violence and its aftermath have become landmark essays in the field of documentary photography, challenging social attitudes and putting a spotlight on the devastating impact of everyday violence. Her iconic book, Living with [...]

Masters Talks: Lynsey Addario

You knew this would be emotional. Lynsey Addario took to the stage of the Paramount Theater with a sold-out crowd at her feet. It took just minutes to bring them to their knees. The celebrated photographer—for whom we “held our breath for 6 days” when she was taken prisoner in Libya during March of 2011—would [...]