LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

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Shots and Works: Pt.2

Photography viewed on a 44 foot screen is a very, very cool thing. We gathered once again under the nTelos Wireless Pavillion to view a selection of photo essays from talented photographers from all over the world. A wide range of subjects was covered and several essays blended photography with other media. Maximillien Brice gave [...]

Carrie Mae Weems: More Questions Than Answers

Carrie Mae Weems. Look at the name. Say it out loud. Examine it. Tear it down. Sexualize it. Build it up. Stare some more. We have witnessed many powerful introductions to LOOK3 over the years, but we have seen few deliveries that would seem to pose more questions than answers. What did I see? What [...]

An Interesting Thing Happened Today

As my colleague and I were dropping off our bags and setting up equipment in the LOOK3 registration building, Laura-Chase McGehee stopped by to say hello. If the name somehow rings a bell, it’s because Laura-Chase was last year’s winner of the Corbis Instagram contest. (Read the story here.) Her single, square frame beat out [...]

Tim Laman: Survival of the Sexiest

Story by Joe Santa / Corbis — Photograph by Riley Blanks There are only two ways to begin the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph at The Paramount Theater. One is with Vince Musi, and the other is with “the talk”. Many of us know Vince from his previous years as the Festival’s Master of Ceremonies. [...]

Stanley Greene: A Long Moment of Silence

Brightness. A crowd of people. Canons. Nikons. Lowepros. Big Love. The room goes dark. To those of us familiar with the violently authentic illustrations of Stanley Greene’s world comes a sudden realization that we are about to witness an even darker moment. The air is quiet. And then Siri speaks. The stadium-size screen hovering over [...]

David Doubilet: “My favorite picture is the one I haven’t taken yet.”

David Doubilet’s opening talk at the LOOK3 festival placed the bar high: very high. This advocate for ocean preservation—dubbed by festival curator, Vince Musi, as the underwater Henri Cartier-Bresson with influence beyond the pages of National Geographic—showed his riveting work and amused the crowd with his satirical charm. His beautiful tales from the Hopkins Islands, [...]

Stanley Greene — INsight Conversation

The first INsight conversation of LOOK3 2012, with Stanley Greene, begins in a few minutes. Stanley Greene has called a camera in the right hands the most powerful weapon ever made. Greene’s hands are definitely the right ones. Over the last two decades, he has brought back haunting images from troubled places like Croatia, Rwanda, [...]