LOOKbetween 2014  


“It was an incredible honor and beyond humbling to be surrounded by such generous and talented people....The work I saw and the relationships I made opened my heart and mind to exploring new ideas of what’s possible.”  
—Jake Naughton, LOOKbetween participant 2014

"It’s a special thing to be able to take time to learn, grow, share, support, and connect...in an idyllic landscape, among such thoughtful, generous, and creative people."  
—Yukiko Yamagata, Associate Director, Documentary Photography Project at Open Society Foundation

"LOOKbetween...was a life-altering intersection of time and space, that was opened, owned, stretched and challenged by everyone who came into contact with it."  
—Vincent Musi, Photographer and
President of the Board, LOOK3

Photo by Joe Santa, Corbis, LOOKbetween 2014

Photo by Joe Santa, Corbis, LOOKbetween 2014


Thank you to our sponsors, donors, and contributors! As a nonprofit organization, LOOK3 relies on the generous support of those who support our mission and vision. Given the generosity of our supporters, we are were to present LOOKbetween and underwrite the attendees.

National Geographic 
The FUNd at CACF

Michael V. Prentiss &
Patricia G. Prentiss Foundation
Annette & Wyn Owens

The Alexia Foundation &
The Newhouse School at Syracuse University
Dr. Anna Magee
Elizabeth Birdsall
Open Society Foundations
Magnum Foundation
Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, 
University of Virginia


From June 13th to 15th, LOOKbetween brought over 100 emerging photographers and photography professionals from around the world to Deep Rock Farm in Virginia. Many describe it as a "life-altering event."

Taking place only once every four years, LOOKbetween is the anchor event of the LOOK3 mentorship Program. LOOKbetween identifies and fosters early career photographers with exceptional skill, commitment, and vision—and brings them together with professionals for an immersive mentorship experience. A forum for in-depth exploration of photographic practice, attendees participate in presentations, discussions, collaborative projects, and more. LOOKbetween is about doing away with limited views and opening up new conversations in an environment designed to deepen craft, challenge preconceived notions, and provoke new ways of seeing. 

GLOBAL COMMUNITY  From Bangledesh to Tanzania, from California to New York, LOOK3 united many of the world’s leading early career photographers to create the LOOKbetween community. With an eye on the increasingly global implications of photography, LOOKbetween 2014 united over 70 participants from 23 different countries and 15 US states. Nominated by over 70 international leaders in photography, attendees were underwritten by LOOK3, allowing us to serve those who would not have such an opportunity otherwise. To highlight but a few on the LOOKbetween roster, LOOK3 collaborated with Magnum Foundation to host their Human Rights photographers from Syria, Bosnia, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, and China; and with Open Society Foundations to bring a photographer Kyrgyzstan.

THE CULTURE OF LOOKBETWEEN  The global landscape of visual culture is changing radically. LOOKbetween provided a forum for exploration and reflection in the midst of this flux. It was a place to openly engage the questions that arise in the face of this revolutionary time in photography. Celebrating “inbetweeness” as a rich territory for experimentation beyond boundaries and established norms, LOOKbetween attendees engaged in discussions and collaborations as they camped onsite, shared meals under a tent, and presented work under a canopy of stars. 

The LOOKbetween DIY Lounge and Project Space was supported by Dropbox, Canon, and Corbis.

LOOKbetween Discussion Sessions were offered by: Dominic Bracco II, photojournalist and founding member of Prime Collective; Deb Pang Davis, independent editorial art director, designer, and marketing maven; Mike Davis, Alexia Tsairis Chair for Documentary Photography at the Newhouse School; Meghan Dhaliwal, photojournalist and Multimedia Projects Coordinator at the Pulitzer Center; James Estrin, Senior Staff Photographer, the New York Times, founder of Lens; Alice Gabriner, senior photo editor at National Geographic magazine; David Alan Harvey, Magnum member, National Geographic photographer, and publisher of Burn Magazine; Paula Kupfer, managing editor of Aperture magazine; Teru Kuwayama, Photo Community Manager, Facebook and Senior TED fellow; Alexis Lambrou, Human Rights Fellowship Program Coordinator, Magnum Foundation; Emma Raynes, Program Director at Magnum Foundation; Radcliffe Roye, Brooklyn-based documentary photographer and mobile activist; Brian Ulrich, photographer known for his exploration of consumer culture and Assistant Professor of Photography at Virginia Commonwealth University; James Wellford, photography editor and curator based in Brooklyn, New York, former International Photo Editor at Newsweek. Yukiko Yamagata, Associate Director for the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project.

The community-wide Portrait Project was led by New York-based British photographer Phillip Toledano and David Griffin, Visuals Editor at the Washington Post with support from Elizabeth Krist, Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic magazine.

2014 LOOKbetween Attendees

Mark Abramson, USA  |  Alex Arbuckle, USA  |   Evgenia Arbugaeva, Russia  |  Rosanna Bach, USA  | Trent Davis Bailey, USA  |  Andy Bardon, USA   |  Ian Bates, USA  |   Endia Beal, USA  |  Olivia Bee, USA |  Anna Beeke, USA   |  Justin Black, USA  |  Jarrett Christian, USA  |  Lara Ciarabellini, Italy  |  Sonia Louise Davis, USA  |  Ousman Diallo, USA   |  Ronan Donovan, USA   |  Mohammed Elshamy, Egypt   |  Annie Flanagan, USA  |  Ivan Forde, USA  |  Kate Fowler, USA  |  Glenna Gordon, USA  |  Lauren Grabelle, USA  |  Nathaniel Grann, USA |  Bertie Gregory, UK |  Adrienne Grunwald, USA  |  Abbas Hajimohammadi Saniabadi, Iran |  Cynthia Henebry, USA  |  Janna Ireland, USA  |  Ciril Jazbec, Slovenia  |  Shannon Jensen, USA  | Louise Johns, USA  |  Natalie Keyssar, USA   |  Eric Kruszewski, USA  |  Zun Lee, Canada  |  Dan Leung Yu Chung, Hong Kong  |  Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, USA  |  Yuyang Liu, China  |  Olivia Locher, USA  |  Shaena Mallett, USA  |  Diana Markosian, USA  |  Maddie McGarvey, USA  |  Eric Medsker, USA  |  Philip Montgomery, USA  |  Charles Mostoller, USA  |  Loubna Mrie, Syria  |  Annalisa Natali Murri, Italy | Jake Naughton, USA  |  Elyor Nematov, Kyrgyzstan | Eva O’Leary, USA  |  Novella Oliana, Italy  |  Katie Orlinsky, USA  |  Evan Matthew Ortiz, USA  |  Cheryl-Samantha Owen, Tanzania  |  Pete Pin, USA  |  Tayarisha Poe, USA  |  Alex Potter, USA  |  Agnieszka Rayss, Poland  |  Stephen Reiss, USA  |  Andrew Renneisen, USA   |  Manuela Marin Salcedo, USA  |  Shahria Sharmin, Bangladesh  |  Robbie Shone, Austria  |  Pedro Silveira, Brazil  |  Mark Strandquist, USA  |  Edwin J. Torres, USA |  Sumeja Tulic, Bosnia & Herezegovnia  |  James Tylor, Australia  |  Alex Welsh, USA  |  Yeong-Ung Yang, USA.

LOOK3 Mentorship Program

Underpinning all of LOOK3’s endeavors is a commitment to education and professional development. In 2014, LOOK3 committed to expanding and deepening LOOK3’s mentorship reach. The LOOK3 mentorship program supports, challenges, and helps to develop the next generation of visionary photographers through three initiatives: LOOKbetween, annual workshops, and one-to-one guidance opportunities.

 The LOOK3 Mentorship Program aims to:

• Challenge photographers to push their practices farther through critical discourse and work-in-progress critique.

• Create arenas that encourage dialogue, strengthen advanced visual literacy and critical thinking skills, and invite questions about vital issues in photography.

• Support exchange among peers as well as with established professionals; support ongoing collaboration and networking opportunities.

• Deepen awareness about the implications of photography.