Photo by Jon Golden

Photo by Jon Golden


Education & Mentorship 


Underpinning all of LOOK3’s endeavors is a commitment to education and professional development. In 2014, LOOK3 committed to expanding and deepening LOOK3’s mentorship reach. The LOOK3 mentorship program supports, challenges, and helps to develop the next generation of visionary photographers through three initiatives: LOOKbetween, annual workshops, and one-to-one guidance opportunities. Learn about LOOKbetween 2014 here.

2015 education and mentorship opportunities are in development, check back soon!

The LOOK3 Mentorship Program aims to:

• Challenge photographers to push their practices farther through review and productive critique.

• Create platforms that encourage dialogue about  vital issues in photography. 

• Strengthen advanced visual literacy and critical thinking skills.

• Support peer-to-peer exchange and ongoing collaboration; and provide opportunities to interact with established professionals.

• Deepen awareness about the implications of photography.

Photo by Brendan Hoffman

Photo by Brendan Hoffman


2013: Pamela Chen, Mary Virginia Swanson, Alex Chadwick & Bruce Strong, Denise Wolff, Todd Hido, Stacie MacKenzie, Jessie Wendor & Sasha Wolf

2012: David Alan Harvey, Lynsey Addario, Maggie Steber & Ernesto Bazan, Eugene Richards, Bruce Gilden

2011: Mary Ellen Mark, Christopher Anderson, Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb, Brian Storm

2009: Eugene Richards & Larry Fink, David Alan Harvey & James Nachtwey, Brian Storm

2008: William Albert Allard, David Alan Harvey, Eugene Richards

2007: Maggie Steber, Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb, David Alan Harvey