Join us for LOOK3's Tenth Anniversary Festival the week of June 13th, 2016.

Education and Mentorship in 2015 was hosted by the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. The creative minds behind the Workshops, Innovation Labs, and Portfolio Reviews in 2015 were Zun Lee, Emma Raynes, Mike Davis, Janna Dotschkal, James Estrin, MaryAnne Golon, W.M Hunt, Anil Ramchand, Molly Roberts, Brian Ulrich, Yukiko Yamagata, John Edwin Mason, and 2015 Featured artist Piotr Naskrecki

Image by Tiffany L. Clark

Image by Tiffany L. Clark


LOOK3 Educational offerings explore the medium of photography through Innovation Labs, Workshops, Portfolio Reviews, Seminars and Lectures, and LOOKbetween. We seek to explore the medium of photography and educate emerging, and professional photographers with the mission of creating a larger artist community.

The LOOK3 Education Program aims to:

• Challenge photographers to push their practices farther through review and productive critique.

• Create platforms that encourage dialogue about vital issues in photography. 

• Strengthen advanced visual literacy and critical thinking skills.

• Deepen awareness about the implications of photography.

• Support peer-to-peer exchange and ongoing collaboration; and provide opportunities to interact with established professionals.

The changing role of images and storytelling in our world inspires LOOK3's Education program to meet the needs of emerging, experienced, and professional photographers alike. 

Complete Education programming for LOOK3's Tenth Anniversary Festival will be announced Fall of 2015.