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Top 10 Best Wall Mount Range Hood Review: Buying Guide [2021]

Setting up a standard kitchen involves concluding on the best wall mount range hood for ease of ventilation. If in doubt of what choice to act on, tag along to see which product satisfies your specifications.


What is the Best Wall Mount Range Hood?

Mount hoods of decent quality are the hardware that ventilates the kitchen by clearing toxic gases and pollutants.

They deplete bacteria, viruses, and offset odors in a kitchen, all functions of the Cosmo 63175S convertible duct hood.

Why Cosmo 63175S is the Best Wall Mount Range Hood?

Cosmo 63175S boasts of top quality functions that operate with little noise and simple controls that maintain a good kitchen atmosphere.

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Top 10 Best Wall Mount Range Hood Review

01. Cosmo 63175S Convertible Duct Stainless Steel – Best For Durable Filters


Highlighted Features

  • Coherent airflow
  • Adjustable duct system
  • Efficacious lights
  • Sturdy filters
  • Digital switches

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cosmo
  • Brand: Cosmo
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 63175S

Product details and performance

Digitally controlled and built with cutting edge technology, Cosmo 63175S ventilates and reduces harmful components so well it is critically regarded as the best wall mount range hood.

It holds a productive filter system for air purification caused by grease and oily substances.

The 63175S boasts of a suction that relieves the kitchen of dangerous impurities in the atmosphere, with an impressive lighting style and silent operation.

With Cosmo 63175S, the kitchen is provided with a compelling fanning arrangement that boosts airflow for a comfortable kitchen experience without any creeping odors.

Installation is not easy due to highly advanced features.

Considering the quality of service it provides the kitchen, from fanning to filtering, lighting, and digital levers, the time spent installing shouldn’t be much of an obstacle since it is a one-off thing.


  • Simple maintenance
  • Balanced ventilation
  • Durable filter
  • High-performing suction


  • Complex installation

02. Golden Vantage RH0327 Kitchen Cooking Steel – Best For Chef Hoods


Highlighted Features

  • Bright lights
  • Touch panel controls
  • High design
  • Cheap maintenance
  • Long-lasting

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Golden Vantage
  • Brand: Golden Vantage
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RH0327

Product details and performance

Golden Vantage is renowned for grand stainless steel devices popular among chefs.

RH0327 is a 30-inch wide hood with mesh filters for eliminating stench and oily substances in a kitchen.

With a professional lighting network and a fanning system that is fast and quiet, Golden Vantage RH0327 is effortlessly conserved and ensure a kitchen’s hygiene level is not debased.

Moreover, Exclusive characteristics of the RH0327 are the energy-saving lamps, an alternating duct range system, and durable motor fans.

It is also worthy to note that it’s safe to use a dishwasher in sanitizing filters.

The Golden Vantage cooking steel is suitable for a small or medium kitchen.

A slow airflow level and a high-end price are dissuading factors of the Golden Vantage RH0327 range hood.

Appraising its modest performance and a balanced airflow, though slow coupled with its mesh filtration are factors strong enough to convince a buying decision.


  • Multiple fan speed
  • Flashy designs
  • Mesh filtration
  • Quiet operation


  • High price
  • Poor airflow

03. Cosmo 668WRCS75 Exhaust Vent Stainless Steel – Best For Energy Efficient Lights


Highlighted Features

  • Digital toggles
  • Powered tri-prongs
  • Energy-saving lamps
  • Pressure-resistant glass
  • Heavy airflow capacity
  • Smooth maintenance

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cosmo
  • Brand: Cosmo
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 668WRCS75

Product details and performance

Cosmo is a prominent hood brand whose products proffer permanent filtration, odor neutralization, and low buzzing noise.

Cosmo 668WRCS75 is a prime wall hood manufactured using rugged glass and stainless steel to create effective airflow and eliminate harmful particles.

It has a multi-speed cooling detail and an opening exhaust that removes steam combined with proper lighting arrangements.

The range hood also offers protection against fire hazards.

Its operation could get a bit noisy, and the hood is short in terms of vertical height.

Since the airflow is effective and filtration is easy with digitally enabled controls, the hood is a reliable product to purchase.

It’s safe to clean its filter with a dishwasher regardless of the disturbance.


  • Easy to use knobs
  • Large-sized device
  • Powerful electric ability
  • Smooth design


  • Runs noisily

04. Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Kitchen – Best For Double Filters


Highlighted Features

  • Noiseless operation
  • Direct lights
  • Chimney modification
  • Dishwasher-friendly filters
  • Eased installation process

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Blue Ocean
  • Brand: Blue Ocean
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RHKC

Product details and performance

Blue Ocean mount hoods are European styled hoods that undergo strict quality and product scrutiny before they are released for public usage.

The RHKC model is a high-performing range hood with versatile functions for proper airflow in a kitchen.

Blue Ocean RHKC was designed to be a device that operates solemnly with a stainless steel body and a filter made out of aluminum.

It functions with a heavy powered airflow structure with little noise, a multi-level speed type, and a strong lighting ability with buttons for control.

The most impressive part about the RHKC is its double filtration variety for exhaust regulation.

”It commands a very high price when compared to other wall mount range hoods.”

Though it costs a considerable amount, the RHKC offers are unmatched in filtering and easy maintenance. Its filters are also viable for washing in a dishwasher.


  • Deluxe performance
  • Durable materials
  • High-end control speed
  • Indoor airflow recirculation


  • Super-expensive

05. Cosmo 6681CS750 Tempered Glass Visor – Best For Tempered Glass


Highlighted Features

  • Superior design
  • Efficient filters
  • Sensitive switch toggles
  • Dual light network

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cosmo
  • Brand: Cosmo
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 668ICS750

Product details and performance

No stranger in the production of range hoods, Cosmo has taken it upon themselves to produce high-performing hoods ceaselessly for public use.

One of the best Island mount hoods produced is the Cosmo 6681CS750; a major factor being it’s positional flexibility to improve appearance.

Cosmo designed this model with soft-touch levers, tempered glass, and classy vents to uphold and enhance the kitchen appearance.

Its performance is rated as enhanced due to a flexible fanning option and an irreplaceable filter for undeterred airflow.

Maintenance is cheap and simple since the filter is dishwasher friendly.

The lighting aspect has lights positioned directly under the hood to make cooking easy in the dark.

The adverse part about this mount hood is a motor vibration that could be too loud to bear.”

If high performance holds a priority over quiet operation, then it’s advisable to go for the 6681CS750 which provides multiple fanning speeds, durable materials, and simple controls.


  • High fan speed
  • Strong filtering
  • Seamless design
  • Advanced controls


  • Vibrating rotor

06. Hausladen Chef WM-538 European Stainless Wall Mount – Best For Ductless Kitchen


Highlighted Features

  • Fume and odor extractor
  • Refined ventilation
  • Classic design
  • Soft maintenance
  • Ultra-effective suction

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Hauslane
  • Brand: Hauslane
  • Manufacturer Part Number: WM-538

Product details and performance

Hausladen centers its craft towards giving users a memorable cooking experience with innovative technology and an excellent functioning system.

This Hauslane mount hood was designed in the European style with vanguard technology and stainless steel for durability.

Its performance uses a mechanically induced ventilation system that provides efficacy, a proficient extracting function, and a perfect ductless system for filtering.

The WM-538 is very easy to install and maintain.

It also consists of a versatile option for a ductless appliance, and it can fit in with any kitchen’s ceiling, regardless of its height.

In terms of protection, this hood provides a carcinogen eliminating element in the kitchen to prevent cancer due to fumes.

”Noisy operation stands as the only condemnable feature of Hauslane Chef WM-538.”

Despite it being noisy, its top-level features are in no way incapable and they are also easy to install, and its filters can be cleaned using a dishwasher.


  • Inexpensive maintenance
  • Efficacious odor remover
  • High ceiling compatibility
  • Triple vent system


  • Clattery operation

07. Ancona AN-1184 WPPW430 Wall Mounted Classic Convertible – Best For Pyramid Design Hood


Highlighted Features

  • Fast venting
  • Stainless steel design
  • Vent-adjust option
  • Lucid LED lights
  • Maximum airflow capacity

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Ancona
  • Brand: Ancona
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AN-1184

Product details and performance

This stainless steel range hood is a 30-inch wide mount with a pyramid-like design made with aluminum for standard filtration and ventilation.

It is a bright lighting format that stays active for longer periods.

Electronic controls, Mesh filtering, and a large airflow venting system enable the AN-1184  to serve as a high performing hood which is befitting for any kitchen.

Another notable feature is its dual-mode duct system (duct and ductless) which is essential for regulating airflow and easy conservation and cleaning.

”This Ancona range hood is regarded as louder than most hoods, and it works at a low speed.”

As loud as it may be, it works very fine, and not just that, it has LED lights that operate for durations longer than the regular mount hood.


  • Cheap maintenance
  • Multiple varieties of options
  • Effective venting
  • Dual filters


  • Loud operation
  • Bleak directions

08. KOBE RA3836SQB WM-5 Range 3 Speed Filters – Best For Smoked Cooking


Highlighted Features

  • High airflow capacity
  • Strong LED lights
  • Long-lasting gauge
  • Baffle filters
  • Dishwasher-friendly filter

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: KOBE
  • Brand: KOBE
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RA3836SQB WM-5

Product details and performance

KOBE WM-5 is an attractive range hood with a 36-inch wall mount with a top filtering method that runs at high speed with effective airflow balance and a deluxe light network.

This hood is a handcrafted device with stainless steel that has an 18-gauge grade.

It’s well suited to the ceiling as high as 9 feet coupled with an internal blower, all of which fits into a smooth design.

The noise level of the KOBE WM-5 depends on its current modes.

Highly expensive range hood due to capital features and functions it performs

Products with premium features tend to be costly, so if the prepared budget fits the hood’s price, it’s only smart to decide.


  • Blower protection
  • Sedated humming
  • Premium airflow circulation
  • Impressive lighting


  • Costly

09. Broan NuTone BW5030SSL Convertible Wall Mounted Stainless – Best For Blowers


Highlighted Features

  • User-friendly controls
  • Heavy-duty blower
  • Unique chimney
  • Large airflow capacity
  • Quick operation

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Broan NuTone
  • Brand: Broan NuTone
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BW5030SSL

Product details and performance

For those with moderate budgets, this mount hood qualifies as the best option because of the unbelievable functions it offers at such a price.

Its performance in regulating ventilation quickly regardless of its location.

Also, this range hood has a centrifugal blower and mechanically switches to enhance ventilation.

The filtration aspect provides a double filter with a latch for easy removal to make switching filters easy.

This hood is a quiet running machine with a convertible duct arrangement and an expansion feature to adjust the hood’s height to the roof.

Lighting is not left out as there are two different lighting modules, which aids cooking at night.

Its filter is easy to maintain, and it is dishwasher-friendly, but it requires the acquisition of a separate ductless kit for regulating airflow indoors.

”The mount hood gets noisy when utilized at full power, and it also demands an external purchase of a non-duct kit for the ductless function to become operable.”

Still, the noise is a minimal burden to bear for a product that regulates airflow and ventilation so well for a moderate budget mount hood.


  • Proficient odor remover
  • Adjustable functions
  • Simple controls
  • Enhanced lights


  • Noisy operation

10. Cosmo 668ICS900 Ducted Island Stainless Steel – Best For Ducted Island Hoods


Highlighted Features

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Efficient lights
  • Durable filters
  • Low noise level
  • Digital control option

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cosmo
  • Brand: Cosmo
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 668ICS900

Product details and performance

Cosmo once again makes it to this list with an island range hood identified as the Cosmo 668ICS900.

It is a single duct stainless steel product with no provision for a ductless function.

Its operating network uses digital switches for control, a powerful airflow suction for pollutants removal, and a permanent filtration technique to keep airflow circulating.

This model utilizes efficient lights to improve illumination while cooking together with a neutralizer that ensures the absence of harmful pollutants and odors from the kitchen atmosphere.

For easy operation, Cosmo installed a user-friendly touch panel for a good experience with a design that sets the user’s comfort.

Maintenance of the filter is done with a wiper’s aid in cleaning grease mass on the mount hoods.

Cosmo offers this silent running hood model at a reasonable price for those who want good quality on a moderate budget.

”The feeble part about this product is the absence of the ductless option, which could be a problem if the duct function suffers a defect.”

An absent ductless vent problem is resolved by separately purchasing a ductless charcoal filter kit to serve that purpose.

Making that purchase would render the ICS900 a formidable hood.


  • Enhanced controls
  • Odor neutralizer
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable price


  • Limited filter option

Best Wall Mount Range Hood: How We Picked

Various options for range hoods are very available.

Deciding on the best wall mount range hood shouldn’t be a challenge based on their capabilities in providing a comfortable, foul free kitchen atmosphere.

Nonetheless, here are necessary conditions to consider when purchasing wall mount range hoods.


Price has been proven to be the most important consideration involved in the process of purchase.

Also, Reason being, the consumer purchase weight is highly dependent on the earning level.

Therefore, the quality of a range hood purchased is limited by spending power.

The price of range hoods spreads wide with the difference between these hoods being the proficient features some possess that some lack.

Moreover, Factors of a price difference in mount hoods could be due to size since a large hood is valued than a smaller one.

Other price-inducing factors are design type, installation difficulty, venting and duct arrangement, air circulation effectiveness, and filtration capacity.

On the other side, there are also top quality hoods sold for affordable prices, but those hoods leave a certain part.

In most cases, the convertible feature is absent, and consumers are obligated to buy a different filter kit to serve that purpose separately.

If an arrangement like that feels comfortable to you, there’s no defect in buying through the format.


Size should not be the major influence in buying a mount hood. In moving to a new apartment with an expansive kitchen,

it is recommendable to secure a large-sized hood to ensure a balanced airflow that keeps the kitchen stench-free and odorless.

Larger hoods are very expensive, but their effectiveness is undeniable.

In short Larger hoods is a necessary purchase for those with a large kitchen space or a wider kitchen stove, and optional for regular size kitchen.

However, if you feel your kitchen needs a large hood, all well and good.


A standard wall mount hood should have a high power ability to sustain the venting degree to keep the kitchen temperature even under intense frying and cooking sessions.

In performing such activities, the hood should have up to 25p cubic feet per minute (CFM) in which the power of the hoods is measured.

Consumers should consider such high-performing hoods for households and restaurants to avoid disappointing situations.


Staying in the kitchen involves handling all sorts of noises from cooking, oil steams, frying, and grilling.

Additional noise from a hood’s ventilation can be very frustrating and distracting, which burdens the consumer rather than help them.

Several brands have produced models that operate quietly to give the buyer a good experience.

Although these models still make humming sounds, they are far too minimal to distract a consumer from their purpose.

Before selecting a hood, reviews on commercial websites should be checked by potential buyers properly to know what to expect from the vent hoods.

Fan Speed

Options in fan speed are numerous with hood devices having fans that spread from two to six, but then only two or three fans are enough to fulfill the purpose of an even ventilation.

Fan speeds are also adjusted based on the tolerance level of a consumer. Fans that run faster produce loud noises that may seem intolerable.

If you find yourself intolerable of these fan noises, reduce the fan speed to a slower pace, making ventilation lengthier.

Ventilation Type

Ventilation depends on the type of duct sources it employs in operation.

It could be a duct or a ductless vent in airflow redistribution with a toxic remover, which is done with the aid of a filter.

Among both venting systems, the duct hoods are better than the ductless vents based on factors such as aluminum or mesh filters for containing grease and toxic matter that should be taken out frequently.

When making the purchase, consumers should consider hoods with a duct venting system and an alternative ductless vent with dishwasher-friendly filters for easy maintenance.

Installation Ease

Finally, the installation’s ease or difficulty is another intricate condition to note when buying a mount hood.

The ductless vent hoods are more simple to set up among all hoods while the duct vents are quite complex to install.

If in doubt of the installation procedures for a duct type hood, expert help should be requested by the buyer and if, there is no possible way to get an expert, then, a ductless vent should be b.

Still, professionals are readily available to help in the process of launching the mount hoods.


Every hood contains a lighting network designed to aid cooking in the darkness in the case of a power outage.

Each of these brands run a different lighting system.

In this review, a popular brand prefers to attach energy-saving lights that keep the atmosphere unaffected from the effect of heat.

Other brands prefer to use two LED lights while some operate with three LEDs to make the user get friendly.


Designation of most hoods uses mostly stainless steel as a primary material for producing hoods.

Designs in mount hoods exist in diverse forms.

Some have a mesh filtration and a toggle control platform that allows for easy operation without any obstruction or any delay.


Hood controls are on the major part, big incentives with their intelligent digital controls and a certain solar touch panel for easy access to the hood’s functionality.

These controls make it easy to use for consumers who would rather pay for comfort against mechanical operation when operating the hoods for an effective job.

Suppose the price of a product with digitally-enhanced controls falls within the specified budget.

In that case, the consumer should secure the product to first-rate consumer experience whose controls make life more than easy to utilize.

Best Wall Mounted Range Hoods: Buyer’s Questions

 How Should I Shop for a Range Hood?

Shopping for the right range hood involves making appropriate measurements and assessments such as quantifying the stove-top width, identifying the amount of time to be used for cooking, the space available for the range, the hood style, and the hood mode (gas or electric hood).

What Size of Range Hood do I Need?

Identifying the right range hood size is a detailed process that involves evaluating the dimensions of the range hoods with that of the cooktop to confirm the hood’s ability in covering the stove’s burners and proper airflow.

It is advisable to procure a hood that is 6 inches wider than the cooktop to ensure the eradication of contaminants.

How High Should The Range Hood be Mounted?

Proper positioning of the mount hood is down to numerous factors but the most important detail about a hood’s height is that a Mount should be placed not lower than 28 inches and no higher than 36 inches from the stove’s top for top-level performance and durability.

The hood’s height should be strictly accurate to directions as failure to do so may lead to a hazardous situation and also dent its effectiveness.

In the long run, the hood could become useless as the wrong placement could lead to a fire breakout, reduction in motor longevity, dispensation of bad smell, and even fume release.

Alternately, the height of a hood might depend on the people using it and humans tend to disobey directions to fulfill their comfort but it’s advisable to follow instructions.

What is the Difference between Duct and Ductless hoods?

Hoods with duct vents are known as excellent of pollutants, odors, and toxic substances from the atmosphere.

They trap the air inside the kitchen and release it outside through ductwork.

Duct vents do not need separate charcoal filters as they have long-lasting filters that perform the purification job without obstruction.

On the other hand, ductless vents are generally alternatives for grappling and scrubbing out grease and rusts from the air and then restoring purified air into the kitchen with no trace of reticent stench.

Ductless vents are manufactured to serve as an option since a pure duct vent hood is impossible to make.

What Duct is Suitable for Proper Ventilation?

Smooth, metal ducts are better for ventilation than ribbed ventilation because, smooth ventilation maintains the level of airflow that the flexible ducts can’t provide, which serves as a determinant of an odor-free kitchen.

How Frequent Should the Filters be Changed?

There is no need for any filter replacement in duct vent filters whatsoever since it is highly durable, and it includes filters such as baffle, aluminum, and mesh filters.

Ductless vents such as charcoal filters need to be replaced within three to six months.

What Does CFM Mean?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This term is used to measure the maximum power of a hood when operating at full speed.

The measurement is done through a range sizing system of 100 CFM for every 12 inches of the stove width.

CFM’s calculating formula can be used in three techniques namely, the gas cooktop, room sizing, and ductwork methods.

In the gas cooktop technique, CFM is measured in terms of heat emittance, room sizing estimates CFM using the size of the kitchen space while the ductwork technique measures using airflow.

Before buying a hood, the technique with the largest CFM requirement should be utilized for an efficient operation.

What is The Best Way to Maintain a Range Hood?

Maintenance of a range hood is performed using different methods.

The first process involves using lukewarm water and soap to clean the hoods’ exterior parts after which; the mount hoods are rinsed with water and dried with wipers.

Also, corrosive cleaning agents should not be used on the hoods to avoid a wear-off of the materials.

The maintenance aspect includes cleaning the filters, which is possible through the use of dishwashers that are filter-friendly.

Filters can also be hand washed with water and soap without bleach or any abrasives, but it must be hand-dried whether hand-washed or not.

The expected duration frequency for maintenance is very flexible and dependent on the user’s convenience, but, it is advisable to clean it within a two week-interval or a month.

With dishwashers, duct vent filters are cleaned, but some ductless filters such as the charcoal and carbon filters must be replaced within three to six weeks, as they aren’t washable.

That way, foul stenches are eradicated from the kitchen or a pantry house.

Is It Necessary to Have an Alternative Ductless Filter?

An alternative ductless system is essential since a hood with only duct vent filters is impossible to sustain; therefore, having a ductless vent filter such as the charcoal kit, carbon filter kit becomes important.

For certain products, these ductless filter kits come with the product package known as convertibles, while some have to be bought separately due to a reduction in its price.

Are All Mount Range Hoods Convertible?

False, not all wall mount range hoods are convertibles since there are range hoods that only provide the consumer with only a duct system.

But, every hood has a space for a ductless vent that is not hard to install long as instructions on the manual kit are followed. External kits are available for sale at commercial websites.


Obtaining the best wall mount range hood proffers a kitchen with a pleasant atmosphere that gives chefs and mothers the feeling of comfort in a kitchen despite the level of frying and steaming that goes on there.

I believe that choosing at this point is very easy based on the level of description offered on this review as long as the specifications for a befitting range hood are identified for your kitchen.

With this information at your disposal, a credible buying plan is feasible.