LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

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Shots and Works: Pt.2

Photography viewed on a 44 foot screen is a very, very cool thing. We gathered once again under the nTelos Wireless Pavillion to view a selection of photo essays from talented photographers from all over the world. A wide range of subjects was covered and several essays blended photography with other media. Maximillien Brice gave [...]

Gregory Crewdson: Frozen, But Hardly Mute

“Photography has this uneasy relationship to narrative. Unlike other narrative forms like film or literature, a photograph is frozen and mute. There is no beginning and there is no end. It has a very limited capacity to tell a story. And whatever story you can manage in the end remains a mystery. It’s restriction. It’s [...]

Josef Koudelka: Freedom To Create

Josef Koudelka, interviewed by Anne Wilkes Tucker…How cool is that? Named by Time as “America’s Best Curator”, Tucker took us through a chronological selection of Koudelka’s work, taking pause with each passing milestone to ask Josef questions. A lot of material was covered and a lot of insight and knowledge was shared. Josef came onto [...]

Martha Rosler: The Art of Protest

“What do you think? Don’t sit down,” was Rosler’s reply to the audience member who had asked a question at the end of the talk. Martha Rosler is not one to sit down. Throughout her career, she has used various vehicles to inform, question and protest. Her projects have used photography, video, installation, sound, text, [...]

Nick Nichols: Father of the Festival

There exists a bittersweet joy in watching your kids grow up. As a father of two, I can only tell you how great it is to see them develop personalities, and how sad it is to concede to the bare memories of how they once were. In that strange paradox where you end up becoming [...]

Shots and Works: Pt.1

Herds of us gathered at The nTelos Wireless Pavilion on Friday night to enjoy two hours of art from over twenty emerging and established photographers. We sat under the stars on chairs or blankets, in the company of our friends, as the images explored aspects of our nature and the condition of our planet. The [...]