LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

2013 Featured Events & Exhibits

  • INsight Artists

    This three-night event offers audiences the rare opportunity to listen and learn from the artists who have helped define the art of picture-making.


    The TREES exhibit is a hallmark of the LOOK3 Festival that features images from nature suspended on banners high in the trees along Charlottesville’s outdoor pedestrian mall. The TREES exhibit is ecologically centered to promote environmental awareness and conservation.

  • SHOTS & WORKS 2013

    SHOTS and WORKS are evening projections in the Charlottesville Pavilion. Established professionals and emerging artists are given the rare opportunity to fully express an entire project to a large audience free from typical commercial constraints.

  • YourSpace & BOOKstore

    At the YourSpace exhibit, Festival attendees can produce and display their own photographs in this public exhibit space. YourSpace is also home to the BOOKstore, where we have a selection of featured artists’ books and LOOK3 t-shirts available for purchase.

  • POY

    Pictures of the Year International presents the winners of their 69th annual photography competition. POYi is committed to promoting the outstanding work of photojournalists and extending the reach of their work to citizens worldwide.

  • Books in Progress

    Books-in-Progress puts a new spin on LOOK3’s annual publications show. In this exhibit, we present an intimate view of the often messy process of a book’s evolution.

  • Community Exhibitions and Events

    LOOK3 encourages local galleries and shops to exhibit photography exhibits during the entire month of June. In addition to the festival exhibits be sure to check out all of these local exhibitions and events!

Looking Back

  • Festival 2012

    The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph returned to downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, on June 7-9, 2012, with exhibits, interviews, workshops, and projections curated by David Griffin and Vincent J. Musi.

  • Festival 2011

    The LOOK3 Festival in 2011 was a resounding success! With guest curators Scott Thode and Kathy Ryan, 2011 was a banner year for LOOK3 with sold attendance and an outstanding lineup of presenting photographers.

  • Festival 2009

    The 2009 Festival was curated by MaryAnne Golon, and featured such legendary photographers as Sylvia Plachy, Gilles Peress, and Martin Parr.

  • Festival 2008

    Curated by Michael "Nick" Nichols, our 2008 festival featured INsight artists Mary Ellen Mark, Joel-Peter Witkin, and James Nachtwey.

  • Festival 2007

    Curated by Nick Nichols, the festival's first official year was a great success, featuring INsight artists Sally Mann, William Albert Allard, and Eugene Richards.