LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


The LOOK3 logo lights up the Pavilion at the west end of Charlottesville'€™s downtown pedestrian mall. This venue hosts LOOK3's SHOTS and WORKS projections. Image by Shannon Wells.

Showcasing some of the most exciting and innovative current photography projects today, these Friday and Saturday evening projections in the Charlottesville Pavilion present a dynamic cross-section of work from photojournalism to fine art. In these 2-hour projections, established professionals and emerging artists are given the rare opportunity to fully express an entire project to a large audience.

How the selections are made: Each year LOOK3 reaches out to a number of individuals and organizations requesting stand-out photo projects to be considered for the SHOTS and WORKS projections. From this pool of suggestions, LOOK3′s board of advisors and guest curators choose a final selection of 40-50 projects. We are unable, unfortunately, to accept individual submissions due to limited staff and resources.

Friday and Saturday night of the Festival 9pm – 11pm

2012 SHOTS Photographers

2012 WORKS Photographers

  • SHOTS & WORKS 2013

    Featuring: Nina Berman, Maisie Crow, Natan Dvir, Ashley Gilbertson, Stanley Greene, Mark W. Moffett, Paolo Pellegrin, Eugene Richards, Mikhael Subotzky, Patrick Waterhouse, and more!

  • SHOTS & WORKS 2011

    Featuring: Larry Fink, Tim Laman, Gillian Laub, Christopher Morris, Richard Mosse, Paolo Pellegrin, Taryn Simon, Peter van Agtmael, Chris Verene, Donald Weber, Susan Worsham, and more!

  • SHOTS & WORKS 2009

    Featuring: William Albert Allard, Pep Bonet, Andrew Cutraro, Jessica Dimmock, Mitch Epstein, Tim Hetherington, Yuri Kozyrev, Brian Skerry, Hank Willis Thomas, and more!

  • SHOTS & WORKS 2008

    Featuring: Richard Barnes, Marcus Bleasdale, Anton Corbijn, Lucas Foglia, Ed Kashi and Julie Winokur, Antonin Kratochvil, Paul Nicklen, Callie Shell, Danny Wilcox Frazier, and more!

  • SHOTS & WORKS 2007

    Featuring: Sam Abell, Roger Ballen, Brian Cassella, Donna Ferrato, Matt Eich, Tyler Hicks, David Liittschwager, Landon Nordeman, Mark Moffett, Jon-Philip Sheridan, Alex Webb, and more!

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