LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

Masters Talks

In addition to the INsight Artist program, LOOK3 continues to showcase the highest standard of photographic excellence by inviting select artists each year to present 30-45min talks on current projects. The LOOK3 Masters Talks are an opportunity to hear from contemporary artists whose work stands out for its subject matter, process, and artistic vision.

Many of the 2012 artists presenting for the Masters Talks will have a gallery exhibit and are teaching a master class.

Masters Talks Schedule
Friday, June 8 | 11am-1pm
Ernesto Bazan, Chris Boot, Lynsey Addario, Hank Willis Thomas
Saturday, June 9 | 11am-1pm
Burn Magazine, Cause Collective, Robin Schwartz, Camille Seaman, Bruce Gilden

Masters Talks

  • Lynsey Addario

    Lynsey Addaria is a documentarian of conflict and humanitarian crises reporting from some of the world’s roughest places — Darfur, the Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Her work is insightful, intimate and powerful. Addario goes beyond conflict, revealing the very problems and conditions that account for so much of the world’s violence.

  • Bruce Gilden

    Bruce Gilden says you’re looking at a street photograph if you can smell the street. Gilden’s photos stimulate all the senses. Wandering city streets around the world with a camera in one hand and a flash in the other, he captures explosive black and white images of places and people. He finds the individuals who stand out in a crowd, the ones with stories to tell.

  • Hank Willis Thomas

    Hank Willis Thomas is an artist who gets people talking–about pop culture, history, and race. For his series, Branded, he co-opted the language and logos of advertisements to produce images that are both personal and provocative. In one piece, the Nike swoosh symbol is etched like a scar on the side of a man’s bald head. In another, the famous Mastercard “Priceless” slogan appears across a photograph of a family at a graveside funeral.

  • Camille Seaman

    Camille Seaman’s photographs exude the raw power of the natural world: icebergs rise up from the sea, rough-hewn and gigantic; storm clouds thunder across golden farmlands in middle America. Yet, whether she’s photographing environmental wonders or indigenous cultures around the world, an underlying theme of connection pervades her work.

  • Robin Schwartz

    Robin Schwartz might have created a whole new genre of photography: the interspecies family portrait. Pairing her daughter, Amelia, with a variety of animals–gibbon apes, dogs, kangaroos, llamas–Schwartz produces images that are both familiar and fantastical. In one image, a sleepy-eyed Amelia cuddles with a hairless cat on a white bedspread. In another, she clings to a clothed monkey the way a sister hugs a brother.

  • Ernesto Bazan

    Ernesto Bazan was born in Palermo, on the island of Sicily, in Italy, in 1959. He received his first camera when he was fourteen years old and began photographing daily life in his native city and in the rural areas of Sicily. To Bazan, photography has been more than a profession: It is his true passion, his mission in life.

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