Corbis Covers LOOK3 2015

2015 Artist Interviews

Want more from this year's Featured Artists? Hear what Piotr Naskrecki, Walter Iooss, and David Alan Harvey had to say to our sponsor Corbis during their interviews right here

Saturday Night WORKS

Photographs from Saturday evening's WORKS projections. A lovely send off to three days of peace, love and photography. Images by Charlie Mostoller. 

The Visual Activism of Zanele Muholi

Lots of people make work as social documentary photographers, but Zanele Muholi makes her work as a visual activist. She doesn’t photograph subjects, she works with participants in her visual documentation process.

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Word on the Mall #4

The fourth installment of LOOK3's Word on the Mall. 

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Word on the Mall #3

The third installment of LOOK3's Word on the Mall.

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Don't Forget to Remember: Andrea Douglas, Monica Haller, and David Alan Harvey

If you’ve already forgotten what this morning’s talk with Andrea Douglas, Monica Haller and David Alan Harvey was all about, then perhaps you should have taken a picture to remind you.

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Friday Night WORKS

Photographs by Kevin Downs.

Block Party at McGuffey Art Center

Photographs from the LOOK3 Block Party at the McGuffey Art Center by Tiffany L. Clark.

2015 LOOK3 Finale Party

Until next year, LOOK3! 
Photographs from the Finale Party by Tiffany L. Clark.

Remembering Mary Ellen Mark

At today’s artist talk, LOOK3 paid tribute to the legendary Mary Ellen Mark. Those in the audience were treated to a sneak peak at never-before-seen work from Mary Ellen’s most recent project in New Orleans.
“Part of the reason I am back at Look3 this year is because last time I was here, so was the late Mary Ellen Mark.”  ~Daniel Baye

Photograph by Daniel Baye

Photograph by Daniel Baye

Walter Iooss: Trust Is Everything

“Trust is everything,” says Walter; it’s what’s gave him access to the most notorious and beloved sports personalities in the world, including Michael Jordan.

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Word on the Mall #2

Our second installment to Word on the Mall, where we interview random people about their experience with the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. 

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A Case of Mistaken Identities: Vincent J. Musi, Sally Mann, Alec Soth

For three artists at this year's Festival, photographic work is deeply influenced by what just might be their alternate identities: a comedian, a writer, and an explorer. 

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Word on the Mall #1

Sarah Lawson talks with random LOOK3 Festivalgoers to get their impressions of this year's activities. 

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The Philosophy of Larry Fink

Larry Fink walked onto the stage of the Paramount Theater and announced that he was about to have a conversation in the dark. I’m not sure if he was talking about the room or something one level deeper.

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Day 1: Exhibitions

A sneak peek at some of the Exhibitions from this year's featured guests.

Photographs by Charlie Mostoller. 

Day 1: A "LOOK" at Education Day

LOOK3 is as much about education as it is appreciation. See what this year's Education Day and Portfolio Reviews are all about.

Photographs by Tiffany L. Clark.

Piotr Naskrecki and "The Smaller Majority"

Piotr Naskrecki's photographs seek to remove the sense of scale that tricks us all into thinking of small creatures as insignificant, and to encourage us to see these organisms as worthy of protection. 

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