LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


Works Projections: LOOK3 Takes ‘Em To Church

We went to church these past 3 days at LOOK3, and concluded the service appropriately at the Works projections tonight. It wasn’t just the music though—every artist whose work was shown put themselves out there, courageously took a risk, and shared a precious piece of themselves. Tonight’s projects were personal and gave insight into the motivation and passion of each presenter.

Through their eyes we saw how beautiful our world is—a majestic Sequoia tree, the dramatic movement and lighting of super-cell thunderstorms, the joy and drama of life in Rio or Brooklyn and the loving bond between a father and his autistic son.

We also witnessed the damage we humans can cause to others and ourselves by our prejudices against our fellow man because he is Muslim, or ourselves for our self-image. As we hurdle through our short lives here, we pay for our choices. We learned of a subculture that pays the price for progress by the chemical sensitivities they have developed; others in Chernobyl still pay a similar hefty price for damage caused decades ago.

Through the works of tonight’s artists, light was shined into these darker areas and the silent were given voices. We all leave inspired and more aware of the light and dark that resides within ourselves and our world.

(by Anil Ramchand / Corbis)

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  • http://assignstock@gmail.com Ronald Atkinson

    Great concept . . . giving imagery purpose within a context and atmosphere of inclusion . . . the community of faith.