LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


Masters Talks: Camille Seaman – Snowflake on Top of Snowflake

Taking her first steps on the frozen sea felt like Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon—but it was a fluke. After giving up her seat on a flight in California, she received a free round trip ticket on Alaska Airlines. This inadvertent trip to Alaska would change her life. It was there, walking towards the edge the Bering Strait that she was reminded of her Shinnecock grandfather, a Native American who often told her about the notion of interconnection. She originally had no aspirations of becoming a photographer, yet 9/11 made her realize the power of the photograph as an historical marker. From there she went on many expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic to capture these traveling giants.

Camille poetically reveals the personality of ancient earth and the ever-changing nature of icebergs. She is drawn to the intensity of light; the hues of yellow that come out in dark overcast skies, creating a monochromatic scene. She reminds us that we are not alone; that we are have a role in this space as we are all made of the material of this planet and its closed looped ecosystem.

(by Catherine Bischoff)

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