LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


Exhibitions Close Up

This year’s exhibitions present us with the work of masters, photographers who continue to document the world community, sometimes read about in the news or seen just outside our windows.

In his exhibition Evidence, Stanley Greene gives us just a taste of some of the thousands of ravaged communities he has documented. Yet the exhibition not only details the atrocities and horrors of humanity, but also give us his first person impressions and emotions surrounding his experiences.

Lynsey Addario’s Veiled Rebellion shows us another type of war ravaging a community: The battle for the freedom of women in Afghanistan. Through their eyes and under their veils, Lynsey’s images from the past 12 years shows us how far Woman have come, and much further they can go.

Donna Ferrato has never shied away unwrapping the communities she’s entered. In Unbeatable she reminds us of the battles abused women and children face every day. But she also reminds us of those that survived and the freedoms we continue to have.

Then there are communities uncovered, in the most unlikely or unexpected of places. David Doubilet’s Under Exposed gives us a glimpse into the undersea community, and with David as our tour guide, we make new and interesting friends. Through the work of Camille Seaman in The Last Iceberg, her stoic subjects reveal their personalities, playfulness, animal compatriots and sometimes isolation. Amelia’s World places us into what some would mistake as the fantasy of a young girl, only to come to life through her collaboration with her Mother photographer Robin Schwartz. It’s true collaborative effort between a mother and daughter, and between animals and people.

Hank Willis Thomas provocatively engages the community in Myth(ology), while Bruce Gilden holds up a mirror to the street, in Street Smart.

Viewing The Suffering of Light we are thrown into the color-rich world of Alex Webb, full of energy and the purity of life. National Geographic Magazine’s exhibit Profoundly Human: Photographs by Lynn Johnson showcases images from her decades of work in the field.

The BD Global Health Exhibit Hope for a Healthy World is an eye-opener in the efforts it takes to have healthy communities. The Pictures of the Year International Visions of Excellence exhibit, shows us what we’re capable of when we come together. And as an added bonus, the exhibit also jettisons’ us into a place where women and communities grapple with the Drug war in Mexico, through the eyes of emerging photographer Katie Orlinsky.

Aperture at Sixty Books Exhibit preserves the communities of the past, and expertly maintains them for the people of tomorrow.

And finally, YourSpace…the images taken by you and exhibited for you, the LOOK3 community.

Community…it is the backbone of the photo industry and what LOOK3 is all about.

(by Meredith Kamuda / Corbis)

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