LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


Masters Talks: Ernesto Bazan

Ernesto Bazan had a dream at the age of 17 in which a mysterious voice told him to become a photographer, and for the last 35 years he followed that dream unquestionably.

In 1992, he discovered Cuba, a defining moment that changed his life both professionally and personally. He beautifully describes that he “desired Cuba like a woman whom he met only once but couldn’t get out of his life” and found in the country a memory of his happy Sicilian childhood and a deep sense of belonging as well as the love of his life.

His love of shooting analog, the idea of adding weight to a photograph, reviewing contact sheets, the smell of chemicals which bring back the memory of when the photo was taken force him to light a candle every night and pray that Kodak will keep producing films.

His advice to young photographers is to be imaginative, curious and true to yourself: “Keep the rest of your body attached to your heart and soul.”

(by Catherine Bischoff / Corbis)

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