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One More Look: Look3 Finale

Look3 finished off on Saturday with a cluster of events that brought this year’s happenings to a close with festive celebrations. These proved to be further proof of the family vibe of the gathering, and an evocation of this year’s theme of “home”.

Following Saturday’s excellent Masters Talk and the unforgettable Nan Goldin/Sally Mann interview-cum-voyeuristic-kaffeeklatsch, the crowd was in a celebratory mood that lasted for many until early Sunday morning. Photographer Brendan Hoffman was there to catch the final moments of this year’s Look3 – take a look at this gallery of what he saw:

Images by Brendan Hoffman/Prime

A second round of nighttime projections in the Charlottesville Pavilion again showed a huge range of work from many talented artists. The show finished especially strong with Jacob Krupnick’s so-joyous-you-can’t-help-but-smile “Girl Walk // All Day” video set to music by mashup artist Girl Talk. The video, a trailer for an in the works 71 minute long-form version, was shot in 2010 and features freestyle dancers cavorting alongside commuters on the Staten Island Ferry and pedestrians in the subways and streets of Manhattan.

The audience hooted and cheered when the enormously talented dancers featured in Krupnick’s video appeared in-person, at first peeking out from beneath the projection screen. They danced through, around, and with the ecstatic crowd. We can’t wait to see the full version of the film.

Live music from a bluegrass band band filled the Main Street Arena as the Look3 tribe gathered for the last official event – a finale party called “One Look”. Plasma screens above the long bar top showed a reel of images from featured artists and participants who’d uploaded images via the Yourspace gallery. Over beers, the party spilling out onto the patio areas outside, festival participants recapped and regrouped and celebrated the experiences of three days of unadulterated photo love.

As beer cups emptied and the finale party wound down, many left to continue the night at house parties or to dance in nearby bars. As groups departed the arena and left to trek down Main Street a final time, one could overhear the chatter of groups of friends and colleagues recounting the work they saw, the ideas they shared and the new faces that had become new friends. Inevitably, talk turned towards the year ahead, and eager anticipation of the next Look3 Festival – where this community of photographers, editors, producers, and photo fans, would return “home” once again.

That’s it for now – big thanks for following along with us here!

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