LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph


Workshop instructors share slideshow with students

Students in the 6-day workshops gathered on Monday for an annual dinner and slideshow presentation, this year by instructors Mary Ellen Mark, Christopher Anderson, and Alex and Rebecca Webb. Over Mediterranean food and good beer, photographers young and old, masters and newcomers, swapped stories and discussed big questions. Will Kerner and Catherine Dee’s beautiful poolside patio served as a placid backdrop to the images on-screen, reminding the crowd gathered in the grass and on the roof of LOOK3′s humble beginnings in Nick Nichols’ back yard.

Will Kerner and Catherine Dee host the slideshow at their beautiful home.

Mary Ellen Mark jots down some thoughts before her slideshow.

Andrew Owen introduces the slideshow.

LOOK3 emcee Vince Musi (center) plies guest curator Scott Thode (left) and Bill Allard (right) with one of his infamous jokes.


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