Dear LOOK3 Community:

When we began conceiving the Festival of the Photograph in 2006, we believed that our community needed a deep breath, a moment where we might all join together in a non-competitive, non-commercial environment to show work, talk, listen, look. Above all, we wanted to celebrate those who had accomplished so much in our field and inspire the next generation of artists. Photography was changing so quickly, and there was much to consider, much to learn, much to see. Why not, we thought, do it together each summer?

Now, ten years -- eight LOOK3s and two LOOKbetweens -- since the first Festival in 2007, it’s time once again for us to reflect. Is LOOK3 in its current iteration as relevant as it can be? If not, what should change? How does the event evolve? How can LOOK3 both serve and expand our community? And, more pragmatically, how do we produce a Festival that is sustainable?

And so, we’ve decided not to hold the LOOK3 Festival in 2017, and instead take time to reconceive and redesign -- to, in effect, look again. We invite you to be part of this process. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us by clicking on this link.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you -- our featured artists, partners, donors, attendees, and volunteers. As we look forward, we know that whatever the future may hold, we will always strive to honor the incredible talent and spirit of community that has brought us together.  

With much thanks and appreciation,

The LOOK3 Team