LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

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Day 3

  • Gregory Crewdson: Frozen, But Hardly Mute

    “Photography has this uneasy relationship to narrative. Unlike other narrative forms like film or literature, a photograph is frozen and mute. There is no beginning [...]

  • Josef Koudelka: Freedom To Create

    Josef Koudelka, interviewed by Anne Wilkes Tucker…How cool is that? Named by Time as “America’s Best Curator”, Tucker took us through a chronological selection of [...]

  • Martha Rosler: The Art of Protest

    “What do you think? Don’t sit down,” was Rosler’s reply to the audience member who had asked a question at the end of the talk. [...]

Day 2

  • Nick Nichols: Father of the Festival

    There exists a bittersweet joy in watching your kids grow up. As a father of two, I can only tell you how great it is [...]

  • Shots and Works: Pt.1

    Herds of us gathered at The nTelos Wireless Pavilion on Friday night to enjoy two hours of art from over twenty emerging and established photographers. [...]

  • Susan Meiselas: Seeking Truth

    The relationship between photographer and subject is a two-way street, but not always equal. The photographer generally holds the cards and the direction of the [...]

  • Richard Misrach: Poetic Phrases

    When Richard Misrach first took an interest in photography during college in 1967, he approached the medium much in the same way as other young [...]

  • Galleries and Exhibits: The ♥ of LOOK3

    Seeing all of this years’s galleries and exhibits in less than three hours is no easy task, but these are the lengths that we go [...]

Day 1

  • Shots and Works: Pt.2

    Photography viewed on a 44 foot screen is a very, very cool thing. We gathered once again under the nTelos Wireless Pavillion to view a [...]

  • Carrie Mae Weems: More Questions Than Answers

    Carrie Mae Weems. Look at the name. Say it out loud. Examine it. Tear it down. Sexualize it. Build it up. Stare some more. We [...]

  • An Interesting Thing Happened Today

    As my colleague and I were dropping off our bags and setting up equipment in the LOOK3 registration building, Laura-Chase McGehee stopped by to say [...]

  • Tim Laman: Survival of the Sexiest

    Story by Joe Santa / Corbis — Photograph by Riley Blanks There are only two ways to begin the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph at [...]